The Best Selvedge Denim Brands

If you’re not obsessed with denim, and consequently denim brands, you’re missing out. Acid washed, ripped, bleached, stone washed, micro-sanded, enzyme washed…the list could go on and on. There’s a bunch of different ways to treat denim, but only one rule you’ll always want to follow when buying: selvedge, selvedge and more selvedge. It’s a historically superior construction method, producing higher quality, longer lasting and better fitting jeans, though selvedge denim is much pricier. Below we’ve highlighted the best selvedge denim brands for you and yours. Enjoy!

Rag & Bone

The new authority on all things denim is indisputably Rag & Bone, who offers a wide range of fits and sizes. Founded in 2002, this New York based selvedge purveyor is manufactured 100% in the USA, sourcing their fabrics from the oh so exclusive Okayama region in Japan. They’ve won accolades from the CFDA and Vogue Fashion Fund for their men’s and women’s selvedge selection.

Naked & Famous

Eccentric and over the top selvedge denim? If you’re looking for an eye-catching pair of jeans, this is your one stop shop. From super heavy 32 ounce denim to *gasp* glow in the dark fabrics to loveable classics, Naked & Famous has ‘em all. Their selvedge is sourced from Okayama, Japan, the undisputed denim capital of the world where factories work on vintage selvedge looms.

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This is the new kid on the block. What started as a Kickstarter campaign quickly developed into a high quality, low-cost denim operation, i.e. Gustin. Here’s how it works: you pick the pair you like and order your fit of choice. Your options are straight, slim or skinny. Once there are enough orders for a given fabric, the jeans go into production and you get a pair of ridiculously low priced selvedge denim. Interesting, right? 


This is the one that started it all. When the luxury denim craze began in the early 2000’s, Acne was right there with it, selling raw Japanese denim right out of the gate. Nowadays they’re selling more than just selvedge, but their roots remain strong. For a classically fine pair of jeans, Acne has you covered.


Minimal, raw, selvedge denim. What could be better? Their iconic slim and skinny fit jeans have been a longtime staple of the fashion elite and tech bros alike. Some have even dubbed them the king of quality and easy to wear denim. Need we say more? Well, we’re going to. A.P.C. is a French ready-to-wear brand founded in 1987 and stands for Atelier de Production et de Création.

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