Our Favorite Made-in-America Travel Bags and Packs

If you’re anything like us, travel is a big part of your life. From outdoor excursions to jet set city roaming adventures, every traveler needs a durable, not to mentions stylish, pack. It’s only right that we show you a few of our American made faves. From canvas to leather, you’ll want each and every one.


Goruck packs are the best of the best. What started as a passion project for special forces military man quickly became one of the most durable, stylish, and functional packs around. They’re perfect for the avid outdoorsman (or woman, either or) and the city dweller alike. Most of them even come fully equipped with a water sack so you can stay hydrated throughout your excursion. The best part? The founder initially crafted them for this wife. Talk about true love. We’re particularly fond of Goruck’s Echo pack and GR1 pack. Shop their whole range here.

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J.W. Hulme Co.

There’s not doubt about J.W. Hulme Co.’s ability to impress. This Minnesota based crafts company has been stitching, dying, and creating the best in leather travel bags and packs for over a decade. Their old school finishing techniques accentuate the character of every hide used, ensuring no bag is exactly alike. From duffles to suitcases, we just can’t get enough of J.W. Hulme Co.’s raw, Americana look. We’re fangirling over their Continental Backpack and Emerson Weekender duffle bag.

Duluth Pack

Another Minnesota based manufacturer, Duluth Pack has been handcrafting thick canvas bags since 1882. Every bag is stitched together by an in-house specialist, guaranteeing top of the line craftsmanship and unparalleled quality. They have a wide variety of packs that come in over twenty different colors. Cool, right? Their newest pack, The Scoutmaster, is our staff pick. Shop more Duluth Packs here.


These totes are to die for and no, they’re not the dainty, dolled up, not so durable bags you’re used to. These are heavy duty, all occasions totes that’ll last for quite some time. They’re made from thick canvas and even have a few extra storage pouches within to help you keep organized. It’s the perfect bag for the detail oriented, organized, and on the go individual. We really love Makr’s Canvas and Leather Fold Weekender tote and their Tobacco Farm Tote. Nab their other products here.

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