Limited Time Savings at ezGlobalShop

We’ve got another great promotion heading your way folks, and this one’s time sensitive, so act fast. Like, super-duper fast (sign-up quick here). From now until August 26th you’ll get 10% off all US-international orders using the following services with promo code “DFAACE”:

Ship tax-free in the U.S. and up to 80% off internationally with us, ezGlobalShop.

USPS Priority Mail International

With this service, you’ll receive your parcels in 5-10 business days, all thanks to our recent partnership with USPS. Did we mention there’s no fuel surcharge either? So yeah, this is a steal of a deal.

USPS Priority Mail Express International

International packages in 3 to 5 business days? Yup, and (again) it’s all thanks to USPS. Try this bad boy on for size before our promotion ends in August. Oh, and all USPS shipments will receive automatic $100 insurance coverage, giving you peace of mind while your parcels are in transit.

DHL Express Worldwide

DHL does a great job on all fronts, so why not throw their Express Worldwide service in the mix? If you’re a loyal DHL user, you’ll get the added benefit of an extra 10% off their services.

There’s no minimum shipping limitations with the code, so go wild with it. Mom’s birthday coming up? Perfect. Kids need back to school clothes? You’re golden. Anything and everything you want shipped, take an extra 10% off our already low rates. So sign-up here and get to shipping.

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