Family Friendly Board Games For A Long Weekend

Let’s face it: we all need to disconnect now and again. Between Facebook, Instagram Twitter and even our emails, we’re constantly plugged in. Even gaming has taken a turn toward digital, with platforms like the PlayStation and Xbox eating up tons of precious family time. So, in honor of the upcoming holiday (and by proxy, long weekend) here in America, we’re highlighting some of our favorite family friendly games that’ll help you connect with your kids, brothers, sisters…whatever, and disconnect from your screens. Bonus: most can be played outside. Read it and weep, boys.

Pie Face

You’ve seen the Facebook videos. Crank, crank, crank…splat! Pie Face is one of the trendiest games on the market. It’s hilarious, not to mention suspenseful, and it’s great for groups (i.e. a barbecue or dinner party). What could be better? Here’s how it works: place your face in the designated space. Fill the hand with whipped cream and start turning the handles. They’ll go off randomly, so here’s hoping you don’t get pie faced. Each turn of the handle is a point. Whoever gets to 25 first wins. Snag one for your next family outing here.

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Giant Jenga

Giant. Jenga. Let that sink in. More sport than anything, this five foot high version of the beloved stacking game is perfect for any outdoor excursion, be it camping, a 4th of July getaway or just a plain ‘ol backyard barbecue. This particular set comes with fifty four precision-crafted and polished hardwood blocks (nearly 15 times the volume of classic Jenga) and a heavy duty carrying bag for storage or mobility. Grab yours here.

Watch Ya’ Mouth

Another trendy one, Watch Ya’ Mouth is the mouthguard party game you never knew you needed…until now. Teams of players, hampered by cheek retractors (yes, that’s a thing), attempt to read and interpret phrases before the clock stops a ticking. The best part? There’s no limit to the amount of players. This particular set includes 143 family friendly phrases and ten dental grade mouthpieces. Get yours here.


It’s like scrabble…but not, and in a banana. In all seriousness, Bananagrams is great and the fact that it comes in an easy to transport banana case makes it that much better. This game is great for education, and can teach your kids (or illiterate uncle) to spell words and have fun at the same time. It’s also kinda like a crossword puzzle, but with a time limit. We promise it’s fun, okay? Buy a banana bag filled with wood block letters here.

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