5 Kitchen Items Every Adult Must Have

Adulting is hard. Like, really, really hard, but one of the hardest parts? Collecting a functioning and well-to-do set of kitchen items. From knives to pots to dinnerware and more, the list is unending. Although they’re not all necessary, they really do help. A lot. So scroll on and find some of our go-to kitchen gadgets that might just save your next dinner party or home cooked meal.

A Magnetic Spice Organizer to Clear Up Space In Your Already Overcrowded Pantry

Organization is the key to any kitchen, heck, it’s actually the key to adulting. Having your ducks in a row is necessary for any successful meal or even just a snack, and this magnetic spice organizer will do just the trick. Say goodbye to a cluttered spice cabinet and hello to a perfectly seasoned future. Nab your very own here.

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A Complete Collection of Heavy-Duty Containers

If you’re anything like us, you always over prepare. Your one man meal becomes enough to feed a small army. There’s more than one solution to this problem, but the most economical is heavy-duty containers. These bad boys will keep your food fresh for all your future eating endeavors. Bonus: you can even take them to the office. Here’s our favorite set.

A Set of Coasters to Up the Ante On Your Adulting Efforts

You can’t officially call yourself an adult until you’ve given in to coasters. It’s a well known fact. Besides having books, it’s one of our deciding date factors. To be clearer: no coasters, no more dates, and yes, we’re serious (not). All joking aside, coasters keep your coffee table and other household surfaces prone to precipitation damage squeeky clean. We’re currently crushing on these concrete bad boys.

A Set of Jar Grips to Crank Open Any Jar

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a jar. We assumed so, but not anymore. Say sayonara to the scream inducing frustration of jar opening with these easy-to-use grips. They give you just the right amount of leverage to crank open any finicky jar or bottle. They’re serious life savers.

A Cast Iron Skillet to Make Savory Comfort Meals

Nothing says, “Look ma, I’ve made it!” quite like a cast iron skillet. People even pass them off as heirlooms since the more they’re used, the better whatever you make with them will taste. We’ve never tested the theory, but hey, what could it hurt? It’s perfect for stove-top to oven dishes, but be warned: they take a lot of care. Okay, not that much, but more than your average pan or baking sheet. Nab one here.

An Impressive Oven Mitt That Looks Just As Good As It Functions

What fun is a dinner party, or any kind of cooking for that matter, without a few gimmicks? People often have hillarious aprons, but have you ever thought of applying those same traits to oven mitts? Well, someone did, and they’re great. Really, really, great.  Especially these rock ‘n roll mitts. Oh, and you’re welcome.

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