5 Amazing Products That’ll Give You Perfect Winter Skin

The cold, dry onslaught of winter is lurking right around the corner, and that means bad news for your skin. To keep yours looking like a million bucks, try one of these five amazing products on for size. They’ll ensure perfect winter skin for the ice cold months ahead.

Luna Facial Cleansing Brush

We swear by this cleansing brush. It uses T-Sonic pulsation to exfoliate your skin and unclog pores, removing dirt, oil, makeup residue, and dead skin cells. It’s also great for removing blackheads and reduces the visibility of pores. The Luna Facial Cleansing Brush is even known to help firm and tighten your skin. It’s basically a magic wand for your face, so yeah. Buy one here.

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Almond Oil

Looking for a lotion or body butter substitute? Sweet Almond Oil is your guy. It’s brimming with Vitamin E and is 100% organic, unlike most lotions which contain added fragrances and other debatable compounds. Almond Oil doesn’t clog your pores like traditional moisturizers do either, and who wouldn’t want to smell like almonds all-the-time? Grab it on Amazon here.


What’s retinoid? We’re not exactly sure, but we know it’s jam packed with vitamins and does wonders for our skin, increasing cell turnover, which improves acne, reduces wrinkles, and fades hyperpigmentation. This is a great before-bed treatment, and should never be worn in the sun, making it perfect for wintertime. Order a bottle here.

Creme de Glossier

Two words: hydrating primer. Yup. It’s an important part of your makeup routine, giving your skin the fresh, dewy, foundation it needs to stay looking flawless throughout the day. We also love using it without makeup. It’s got tons of fatty acids, murumuru butter, lavender oil, and red algae to keep your skin from drying up. We swear by this product, and you will too. Buy your very own here.  

Coconut Milk and Honey Body Scrub

Use this scrub once or twice a week to say sayonara to dead skin cells and refresh your ailing winter skin. It’s made of Dead Sea salt infused with rich coconut milk and honey, i.e. there’s tons of vitamins and nutrients your skin oh so desperately needs when the dry winter winds come a calling. Did we mention the 6 essential oils? It’s also a natural exfoliant, so yeah, this one’s a keeper. Purchase yours here.

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