4 Life Changing Things To Try In November

We’re always trying to new products, hacks, apps, and DIY projects here at ezGlobalShop and it’s only fair that we share them with you, our loyal audience. Below you’ll find what we believe to be 10 life changing things to try this November, or whenever you decide to bite the bullet. From personalized vitamins to kitchen hacks to travel journals and more, there’s something for just about everyone.

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

Into meal prep? Tired after a long day? Just really don’t like cooking? This one is perfect for you. Instead of paying an over the top price for a meal out or succumbing to unhealthy fast food after a long commute, dine in with something simple, easy, and most importantly, something that’ll leave leftovers. With a Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker all you need is a few simple ingredients. Throw ‘em in before work, come home, and oila. You’ve got food for days. Buy your very own here and check out some great recipes here.

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AllSwell Creative Notebooks

Taking a digital detox is important. Like, really, really, important. If you’re anything like us, all the connectivity can get a little overwhelming. From Facebook, to iPhones, laptops, and tablets, we all need a little break. Here at ezGlobalShop, we’ve found a whole new lease on life using a few simple tools: pen and paper. More specifically, pen and an AllSwell notebook. They’re durable, stunning, and imbued with meaning. Just five minutes of daily journaling has given us so much clarity. We recommend everyone test it out. Our favorite part? AllSwell notebooks are half lined, half unlined so you can write and draw. How cool is that?


Vitamins are an on again off again thing for us. We buy ‘em, take them for a few weeks, then completely forget they’re stashed away in our medicine cabinet. With Care/of, we became more responsible vitamin takers. This monthly service provides a personalized vitamin regimen based on your lifestyle that are easy to open and ingest. They ask you a few basic questions, then formulate a daily vitamin cocktail for your bodily pleasures. Want healthy hair and nails? Biotin will be included. Sleepy often? A B-complex will do you right. Sign-up here and ship ‘em worldwide with us, ezGlobalShop.

Germguardian Air Purifier

We’ll only say this once: clean air is important. “Yeah, ezGlobalshop.” “We know, ezGlobalShop.” “Why are you telling us this, ezGlobalShop?” If you have pets, live a small apartment or even a home with poor ventilation, dust, dander, mildew and the like can really build up. It’s not good for your lungs or your overall health and this nifty (and affordable) air purifier is the perfect home accessory to ensure a healthy household for years to come. Its filter captures 99.97% of dust, using a charcoal filter to remove scents and titanium dioxide to kill germs and bacteria. We even use it to suck up the smell of stinky food while we’re cooking it. Grab your very own here.

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